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Owl Turd Comix

2013-03-03 01:40:33 by Shenaniganon

Hey peeps, I'm back! With vigor, even.
Also wanted to mention that I've finally put my comics under one name. Check it out:

Keep an eye out.

Don't actually remove your eye please ew that's gross please stop

I made a thing!

2012-06-07 17:13:08 by Shenaniganon

I made a thing called Lucky's Dlog and you might wanna check it out.

Also I got a lot of new art up here.

That's all, you're free to go.

I made a thing!

Tiger balm, guys.

2010-10-10 13:46:05 by Shenaniganon

Sometimes I have nasal congestion.
I put Tiger Balm on my nose.
It burns like fuck.
The end.

Tiger balm, guys.

Looking for voice actors.

2010-07-26 12:56:35 by Shenaniganon

All roles are now filled.

Diggity will be played by NEDAK.
Ego will be played by ASTRALIMITS.
Batman and Angri-Tom will be played by MORPH94.
Wade and the fat guy will be played by SID914.

Thanks for the PM's, guys.

Hey, you. Yeah, you.

2010-05-07 23:23:31 by Shenaniganon

I'm a shady character. I may or may not be selling or illegal substances. I may or may not be in possession of a dangerous weapon. Better watch out, cuz I'm a shady character.