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Hey, you. Yeah, you.

2010-05-07 23:23:31 by Shenaniganon

I'm a shady character. I may or may not be selling or illegal substances. I may or may not be in possession of a dangerous weapon. Better watch out, cuz I'm a shady character.


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2010-05-07 23:33:02

I may or may not be buying illegal substances, and I may or may not also have a dangerous weapon, if you may or may not be a cop.


2010-07-03 13:27:26

Sorry. Your lawn is just so soft....

....and sexy....


2010-07-06 18:46:16

I may or may not be in possession of a gaping butthole.


2010-07-06 19:15:11

I may or may not be a cop who may or may not be undercover, this may or may not be a drug bust and if you don't cooperate I may or may not have a weapon and several policemen on standby so I may or may not recommend that you don't try anything funny.


2010-07-06 21:25:53

Once a night, I grab my neighbors cat. I stick my umbrella up his... then I undress myself and hold my catbrella above my head while I prance around on the streets. I stand on exactly 21 lawns a night. Yours is ranked second in all of Kokhguuz. At 5:21 AM, I take out my small bag of cocaine, and snort it all in. I dress my self afterward and divide the cat and umbrella. My shift at Pollos starts at 7, so I cannot be late, after all, I am the manager.


2010-10-11 16:22:05

i want uuuu